Innovative Technology® e–University Solution® is our global product for Universities to Design, Implement and Manage their Curriculum, Courses, Students, Faculty, Other Staff and Resources. Our e–University Solution® has several unique patented features that make us market leaders in the following aspects:

  • A practical computerized approach to Curriculum Mapping
  • Mapping Curriculum Design to meet National Standards (NCAAA) & International Standards.
  • Special tackling of Problem Based Learning (PBL) Curriculum.

We have following Categorized Modules/Sub-Modules in our e–University Solution®.

Curriculum & Courses Design & Planning

Curriculum & Courses Implementation

University Management

WhatClient’s Say

“In my travels throughout the Kingdom and the world I have met few individuals as extraordinary as Dr. Bassam Al-Hemsi. In addition to being a well qualified physician, Bassam is a visionary entrepreneur. He also has an unselfish approach to helping others succeed. All of these qualities make him very special. He has my highest possible recommendation and my deepest appreciation.”

Richard Litman, Patent & Trademark Attorney, President & CEO, Litman Law
September 8, 2009

Latest News

E-Posters-First Time in the History of Conferences, Innovative Technology is pleased to announce to be the first company in the world who had introduced the concept of E-Poster in the history of Conferences.