Personal Management System

The Personal Management Systems helps the stakeholders to manage recruitment and registration processes in a unique, easy, efficient and organized way. The system is web-based, means all users and admins can use it online from anywhere and at any time.

The Personal Management System covers:

  • Student Related Module.
  • Faculty Related Module.

Student Related Module

Student Registration System

A Unique Registration System in the Country which can be used to register the students online for any college / university and for any program or course.

Our solution is customizable to meet any special requirements of any particular Institute. It covers:

  • Online Registration
  • Auto Email System upon Registration, Interview appointment & Successful Admission.
  • Auto SMS to Students upon successful registration.
  • Admin Module, Smart Decision Support System, Smart Real-time Online Reporting & Dashboard.

Student Electronic Record

Student Electronic Record tracks students within the university throughout their academic lifecycle that reflects their journey within the college.It starts with their registration and admission and continues tracking their academic progress, attendance, performance, continuous and final assessments, which records their marks entry that Automatically builds their transcripts till their graduation.

The Student Electronic Record concludes:

  • Student Life Cycle: starts at Registration and continues to the Academic Progress
  • Student Grouping: is based upon Entry Batch, Student Sections, Course Level Groups & Session Type Groups
  • Student Assignment: could be related to Courses, Sessions & Educational Activities.
  • Events, Notifications & Scheduler
  • Student Curriculum
  • Student Attendance

Faculty Related Module

Recruitment System:

Online Recruitment System allows the Faculty and Candidate to apply online. The most common form of online recruitment us the advertisement of job openings on recruitment sites. It generates lots of responses by simply attracting large numbers of potential candidates.

Faculty Electronic Record:

Faculty Electronic Record allows tracking faculty members throughout their university life. First it helps recruiting them by utilizing the online job application portal. It keeps a record of their demographical data to help communication with them, their qualifications, which help providing them with teaching privileges.

The Faculty and Admin staff related functionalities are covered in the following:

  • Faculty Lifecycle: Starts upon recruiting and continues to their academic progress till departure.
  • Faculty Grouping & Categorization: Course level groups, session type groups.
  • Activity Related Groups: Committees and Workshops.
  • Faculty’s Assignment Related Tasks: Course, Sessions, Educational Activities..etc.
  • Events, Notifications and Scheduler.
  • Faculty Curriculum.
  • Faculty Attendance.
In addition, this system can track Faculty Enrolment in Faculty Enhancement Programs.

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“In my travels throughout the Kingdom and the world I have met few individuals as extraordinary as Dr. Bassam Al-Hemsi. In addition to being a well qualified physician, Bassam is a visionary entrepreneur. He also has an unselfish approach to helping others succeed. All of these qualities make him very special. He has my highest possible recommendation and my deepest appreciation.”

Richard Litman, Patent & Trademark Attorney, President & CEO, Litman Law
September 8, 2009

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