Online Recruitment System

The Online Recruitment System is a web based system used for offering and applying available jobs online. The institute using the system can submit their available jobs with a full description about each one of them and what requirements and qualifications are needed in it. In addition, the admin can put a dead line for receiving applications, manage the applications sent, request additional information from a certain applicant, set an appointment, accepting or declining, compare applications according to any selected aspect and delete or modify any job previously published to the website.

Job Seekers

Applicants or job seekers will be able to open the website and create an account. They will be able to search a specific job or view all available jobs in general, using advanced search option can make the user more specific to what job he\she is looking for by choosing the job’s department, qualification, salary range, city and other aspects. After submitting to a job an auto email will be sent to the applicant confirming the submission or notifying any problems or additional requirements. He\She will also receive an email whenever he\she is accepted, declined or has an appointment for an interview..

WhatClient’s Say

“In my travels throughout the Kingdom and the world I have met few individuals as extraordinary as Dr. Bassam Al-Hemsi. In addition to being a well qualified physician, Bassam is a visionary entrepreneur. He also has an unselfish approach to helping others succeed. All of these qualities make him very special. He has my highest possible recommendation and my deepest appreciation.”

Richard Litman, Patent & Trademark Attorney, President & CEO, Litman Law
September 8, 2009

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