e-University Planners

Planners are a collection of e–University Solution® modules that help setting up the overall picture of the curriculum, designing the curriculum & its individual courses.Designers may vary according to their technique of education with special emphasis on new educational techniques such as Problem Based Learning (PBL).The planners consist of the following modules:

  • Curriculum Designer
  • Course Designer
  • Problem Designer (Unique Feature of our Product)

Curriculum Designer

Curriculum Designer defines the overall attributes of the curriculum specifying the title, the duration, the degree and the sponsor of the curriculum. It describes the “Courses Containers”: structure & number of the years and the semesters in which the courses/blocks are contained. It also describes the relationship between different courses (prerequisites & post requisites). Courses Containers could be of fixed duration such as semesters or could be of variable duration.

Course Designer

Course Designer is an element of the e-University Planners that helps designing courses within the curriculum. Course Designer defines the overall attributes of each Course specifying the Title, the Duration, Course Code, Design Courses’ Outlines and Objectives, calculate Credit Hours determines Educational Activities. It can design both types of courses, based on curriculum adopted methodologies.

  • Designs Problem based courses (PBL).
  • Designs Classic courses (Non PBL).

Problem Designer

This module is unique of its Nature; it differentiates our Product from other available products in the market. This module helps designing PBL courses and creates problems used in these courses; group them in courses or blocks that are contained within phases of the curriculum. Basic elements of this module provide the ability to:

  • Assign objectives to the problem.
  • Design the problems taking science and competency in consideration.Group the Problems i.e. Defining the Main Problem group and creating its sub-problems.
  • Grouping the Problems: Defining the Main Problem group and creating its sub-problems.

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“In my travels throughout the Kingdom and the world I have met few individuals as extraordinary as Dr. Bassam Al-Hemsi. In addition to being a well qualified physician, Bassam is a visionary entrepreneur. He also has an unselfish approach to helping others succeed. All of these qualities make him very special. He has my highest possible recommendation and my deepest appreciation.”

Richard Litman, Patent & Trademark Attorney, President & CEO, Litman Law
September 8, 2009

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