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Centralized Repository of Health Policies & Procedures:

Every Health organization (whether a Hospital or a polyclinic should have it's clear Policies & Procedures ( P& P)

Classically P& P are developed in paper or word document formats

Our Innovative Centralized Repository of Health Policies & Procedures adds a new innovative dimension to the classical P&P

It gathers all policies & procedures of the enterprise into a central online repository accessible from anywhere within the organization to those users with the appropriate access rights: Doctors will access policies and procedures related to them, nurses will access policies and procedures related to them and so on….

It has the following features and more:

  • Online access
  • Access right control according to given privileges
  • Categorization according to function (e.g. Infection prevention & control, environmental safety, emergency management, etc…).
  • Enriched with Multimedia: Videos or images (that describes the procedures in an interesting easy to follow way).
  • All Procedures are present in addition to textual format in flow char format (Business Process Maps) resembling clinical pathways…..
  • Version history ( when was the P& P last modified ) & keep track of older version as well.
  • Audit trail: who updated the version of P& P and when.
  • Many other features….

Our Innovative Centralized Repository of Health Policies & Procedures transform the health enterprise into a learning organization by building a huge knowledge repository for its staff that is easily accessible and hence enhance the learning curve for any new employees and main tin high knowledge level for existing employees.

Innovative Hemodialysis System:

This solution is a full automation to any hemodialysis center. It replaces the traditional hemodialysis patient monitoring paper sheets with more advanced electronic ones that are accessible online, and that interfaces with the Electronic Medical Records of the patients and with the Hospital Information System.

Below are some of the features of our Innovative Hemodialysis System:

  • For each patient there is an Electronic Dialysis Record
  • Patient record keeps track of patient data and history of his care and management.
  • Nephrologist access the doctor section of such records through which doctors notes and orders are placed.
  • Nurses access the nursing section of the record through which they view doctor's comments and orders.
  • Details of each dialysis session are recorded and time stamped according to the SOAP.. and based on pre dialysis-intra dialysis and post dialysis SOAP.
  • Cumilatative reports summarize the past dialysis reports in weekly , monthly or annual reports tracking the progress of the patient over time.
  • Tracking of patient LABs and Medications
  • and much much more

This solution not only enhances the patient care and monitoring the process, but it also allows the patients to access their own daily or monthly hemodialysis updates online whenever and wherever they want ( = Patient Hemodialysis Record).

WhatClient’s Say

“In my travels throughout the Kingdom and the world I have met few individuals as extraordinary as Dr. Bassam Al-Hemsi. In addition to being a well qualified physician, Bassam is a visionary entrepreneur. He also has an unselfish approach to helping others succeed. All of these qualities make him very special. He has my highest possible recommendation and my deepest appreciation.”

Richard Litman, Patent & Trademark Attorney, President & CEO, Litman Law
September 8, 2009

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