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e-University Implementers

Implementers are a collection of e-University Solution® modules that helps creating implementation instances of the curriculum & its individual courses.Implementation may vary according to the technique of education used with special emphasis on new education approaches such as Problem Based Learning (PBL). Implementers contain the following modules:
  • Curriculum Implementer
  • Course Implementer
Curriculum Implementer

Curriculum Implementation is applied on a completed curriculum design. As the Designed Curriculum is being implemented, calendar and curriculum users (students and faculty) would be associated with each implementation instance of the curriculum.

During Curriculum Implementation, user needs to assign/ link a batch of students to curriculum (Batch should already be created by student management system for a curriculum). Similarly groups of faculty would be assigned to each implementation instance on the basis of qualifications, skills & experience needed for teaching during that implementation.

Implementation can be considered at different Object Levels such as:

  • Blocks/ sub Blocks
  • Courses.
Course Implementer

The designed courses will be implemented using this module where calendar, courses users (students and faculty) and resources would be associated with each implementation instance of the course.

Courses implementation is applied on a complete designed Curriculum & Courses. During Courses implementation user has the capability to view Courses in detail.

When you have the Curriculum Implementer module along with the Course Implementer module, the Curriculum Implementer automatically implements the containing courses as per the defined dates and schedule.

Once the courses are implemented, the weekly schedule for each activity of each course is created dynamically within no time. If any change is required in the schedule of some specific week or day, the User can do the changes to Individual educational activities on a weekly/daily level of a specific course.