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Evaluation Management System

This Module is responsible for Feedback and Quality Assurance. Evaluation covers all aspects (Curriculum Design & Implementation, Courses Design & Implementation, Faculty teachings, Facilities and other related aspects). Online portal provides easy access for evaluation

Evaluation Designer

Using the Evaluation Designer utility the “Process Experts” can define Evaluation Objectives and  methodology that defines “What” is to be evaluated, “When” to be evaluated and “By Whom”. For example evaluation subjects could be courses, faculty, facilities or others.

Evaluation Form Builder

The Form Builder can be used by the Process Experts/Content Experts to build the Evaluation Forms. The Evaluation Form Builder can be used by stake holders (Evaluators) to evaluate the subject/ object of evaluation. Evaluation subject can be content related, assessment related, personnel related or resources related.

Evaluation Form Bank

The Evaluation Builder saves the Evaluation forms created by the “Process Experts” in a repository of several categories of evaluation forms such as Quality Assurance Surveys, Teacher’s Lecture Evaluation etc.

Evaluation Delivery

Evaluation Surveys are conducted on the basis of preset timing and methodology, set in the Evaluation Designer utility. Evaluation’s results should be analyzed to produce meaningful reports that should result in actions towards enhancing quality.