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Communication Module

In today’s world, the key of success is dependent on efficient and productive communication (Teacher - Student, Student - Student, Teacher - Teacher and other Stakeholders). Communication Module manages Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication.


Synchronous communication is a communication taking place at the same time. Synchronous, or real-time communication, has emerged as a popular technology in online education, the merging of Web and Audio/Video delivery formats, over time are gradually becoming more successful and affordable, which effectively virtualize education on a global scale.

 Synchronous Communication Module covers:
  • Chat
  • Text
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Virtual Classroom


Asynchronous communication is a communication taking place at different times. The term has acquired wide currency in online learning, where exchanges between teachers and students (or among students) are frequently enacted asynchronously rather than in simultaneous or face–to–face conversations.

  Asynchronous Communication Module covers:
  • Blog
  • Forum
  • Email