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Assessment Management System

This Module is responsible for evaluating student’s performance that reflects on their academic progress. Assessment items are stored in the question bank. Assessment instances are created out of the bank and implemented in course implementation.

Assessment Designer

 Using the Assessment Designer the “Process Experts” can define Assessment Objectives and Assessment Methodology for each course, block, semester or year. Based on these definitions, successful students in these assessments can progress through the curriculum based on pre–defined business rules.

Assessment Item Builder

The Assessment Item Builder can be used by “Content Experts” to write the assessment items for each educational activity. Ideally such assessment items should be built at the time of related content writing, stored in an Assessment Item Bank, which can be used while creating an assessment session. But occasionally such assessment items could be written at the time of assessment session creation.

Assessment Items Bank

The Assessment Items, built by using Assessment Item Builder are categorized and stored in secure assessment item bank.

Assessment Session Builder

Assessment sessions take place according to rules set by assessment designer utility. Each Assessment Session is built from a combination of several assessment items pulled out from assessment item bank or created on the fly during Assessment Session Building. These built sessions are subjected to Assessment Quality Assurance based on the rules set in Assessment Designer.

Assessment Delivery

Built Assessment Sessions would then be delivered on scheduled date and time. Results of which are recorded in Student Electronic Record.