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Online Student Registration Systems

“Online Application Submission & Student Registration System (OAS & ReS)”
We claim to have the best Registration System in the whole kingdom which can be used to register the students online in any Educational Institute and in any program or course.
We can customize this system for any Institute, University or Collage as their requirements.

They key features for Online Student Registration System are:

General Features:

  • Online Web Based.
  • Built in Smart Decision Support System.
  • Flexible. Smart Real-Time Online Reporting.

  • User Friendly:
    • Easy to use.
    • Friendly enjoyable graphical user interface.
    • Self-Explanatory.
    • Provides services to all stakeholders involved in registration processes including applicants “applying students”, registration officers, registration managers.
    • Efficient one registrar can handle thousands of applications.
    • Clear Timely Instructions.
    • Proper Applicants’ data verification on each step.
    • Save & Come Back option.
    • Online Preview & Complete online Word Processer.
    • Uses intelligent Email notification, reminder and acknowledgement system.
    • Online Reports: Student’s application status.

  • Security & Confidentiality:
    • Role based security (applicants, registration officers, managers).
    • Different Admin users privileges (Dean, Registrar etc.).

Technology Features:

  • ASP.NET.
  • Workflow Enabled.
  • Ajax Enabled.
  • University Database Integration.
  • Proprietary Database Integration.

Delivery Process:

  • Determine Hardware needed for server.
  • Determine what other 3rd Party software needed (if any).
  • Provide Installation Plane.
  • Provide Training for Registration officers and managers.

Admin Module:

  • Auto Email System on Registration, interview or successful registration.
  • Auto SMS to students when register, invited or interviewed.
  • Help Desk for students registrations’ issues, complains and tracking, and auditing the complaints all in one zone.
  • Admin Reporting.
  • Categorizing Applicants: Registered, set interview appointment, Acknowledged, Interviewed, Failed & Accepted.