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News & Events

Digital Pen Hajj 1433 project

Innovative Technology had successfully implemented the Digital Pen Technology along with live business intelligence reporting application on the Hajj 1433 for Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia.

It was almost impossible to gather the accurate statistical and analytical data from Medical Centers of Ministry of Health during the Hajj period, where more than 3 million pilgrims perform Hajj and minimum 15-20% pilgrims visit the medical centers for various medications.

In Phase-1 of this project (Hajj 1433); Innovative Technology had automated 5 medical centers which are 7% of all medical centers in Makkah.

Ministry of Health has assigned the Phase-2 to Innovative Technology in which we would cover 25% of all medical centers in Makkah.

Participating in AMEE 2012(August), Lyon, France

Innovative Technology is invited by AMEE Management to participate in AMEE 2012 as Premium Exhibitor. Also Innovative Technology is presenting its unique product "E-Poster", where all the participants of AMEE will present their Posters Electronically using E-Posters.

Participated in SIMEC 2012, Riyadh, KSA

Innovative Technology had participated in Saudi International Medical Education Conference (SIMEC) 2012 as a Prime Sponsor.
As a Prime Sponsor, Innovative Technology had given its following services for Conference & Exhibition:
  • E-Posters, for conference participants to show their Posters electronically.
  • Innovative Multi-Touch eBoards for E-Posters display.
  • SIMES website, www.simec2012.net
  • Online and Onsite Registration for participants.
  • Participants Cards Printing.
  • Onsite Attendance authentication system for participants’ workshops and conference entry.
  • Exhibitions & Booths Management System.
  • Wireless Network for E-Posters, Attendance System, Registration System.

Innovative Technology had also participated as Exhibitors and presented the following Products.
  • Innovative Multi-Touch eBoard Model # 104 (150” widescreen with dual projectors) & Model 102 (110”)
  • 12 points Touch Interactive Multi-Touch Tables 55”
  • eUniversity Solution
  • InnoBook for Anatomy Students
  • Online Students Registration System

Manufactured Innovative eBoard 150” Wide Screen

Hardware Manufacturing Division of Innovative Technology had designed a new Interactive Multi-Touch eBoard 150” Wide Screen, which is the largest available & locally manufactured Board in the Market.
The key features of the board are:
  • Multi-Touch Intractive eBoard
  • Screen Size 150”
  • Wide Screen
  • Dual Ultra-Short throw Projectors
  • Advanced Edge Blending Technology to minimize the projector’s edge overlapping

E-Posters – First Time in the History of Conferences

Innovative Technology is pleased to announce to be the first company in the world who had introduced the concept of E-Poster in the history of Conferences.
As in the past, the participants of the conferences used to bring their Posters in a printed format, in which they used to present their research and study related to a topic of their specialized field.
In Saudi International Medical Education Conference (SIMEC) 2012, Innovative Technology replaced the Classical posters to the E-Posters, where the participants had submitted their study papers online to the management of the SIMEC Conference, who had selected ## posters out of ###, using Online E-Posters Management System, the selected participants were invited to make their E-Posters and to present it in SIMEC 2012.

eSurvay for Ministry of Higher Education Exhibition, Riyadh, KSA

Innovative Technology has successfully conducted the eSurvay by Visitors, Exhibitors for MOHE Management, using iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tab,  ePodiums & Kiosks.
The Exhibition named as International Exhibition & Conference on Higher Education was conducted by Ministry of Higher Education on 17 - 20 April 2012.
Innovative Technology has also provided following services:
  • Wireless Network for eSurveys
  • People Counters for Exhibitors Entry and Exit
  • eBoards for Workshops Halls