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Innovative Technology® e-University® solution is our global product for Universities to Design, Implement and manage their Curricula, Courses, Students, Faculty, Other Staff and Resources.

Innovative Multi-Task ePodium

Not like any normal Podium, the ePoduim is a Podium with 1 to 2 touch screens and a built in PC where you can connect to a projector or a laptop or even both and control your presentation from the touch screen.
Our ePodium has its own built in audio system (Mixer-desktop mic-wireless mic- 2 speakers) and can be connected to an external audio system as well.
In addition, it has a unique controller that allows the user to control the lights on\off, projector on\off, curtains open\close and a DVD player .
Innovative Multi-Task ePodium is available in the following models:

Multi-Task ePodium

Model No: IEP-103
Dual Screen

Multi-Task ePodium

Model No: IEP-104
Single Screen
  • Innovative Multi-Touch Multi-Task e-Podium is an elegant looking light weight easy to relocate and user-friendly electronic podium where it can be utilized in meeting halls, lecture halls, auditoriums, training centers, etc. User will not need more than a minute to start using it efficiently.

  • Through the Innovative e-Podium you can project, through the connected projector, any content of any file or document by using the built-in computer or from the visitor's laptop.

  • The user interacts with the innovative e-podium through Multi-Touch screen(s), the attached keyboard & mouse, the controller buttons, or the virtual controller e-buttons on the touch screens. The Multi-Touch screen(s) provides the ability to interact with the PC or the controller system using finger touch without the need of any extra devices. In case of dual multi-touch screen model (IEP-102-W) one touch screen provides a replicate of what is presented on the auditorium large screen representing what the audiences are viewing, while the second multi-touch screen is private showing only applications private to the user/presenter and whatever is presented on this secondary screen will now be viewable to the audience.

  • It is equipped with a top quality sound system: such system eliminates the need for any extra audio system in the auditorium. It has 650w speakers and amplifier in addition to a mixer and equalizer, plus wireless and wired microphones.

  • Some of the features are summarized in the following table: