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InnoPad is a powerful and flexible software application for creating and delivering motivational, interactive lessons using interactive whiteboards. It provides you with a wide range of cross-curricular teaching tools in both primary and secondary contexts. You can use it to combine animations, 3D, videos, flash files, text or number-based activities all within a single document.

InnoPad is purely customizable; user can use this application in different areas of business/education/commercial purpose, where user thinks about the interaction with touch.
The idea behind InnoPad is, it fulfill all the requirements of user interaction without using mouse/ keyboard devices and perform manipulations using multi touch facilities.
Manipulations include Moving selected objects one place to another, Scaling selected objects like Zoom in/Out, Rotate selected objects as per the degrees of rotation and as per the direction (clock wise/counter clock wise), Skewing objects etc.
In addition, InnoPad handles 3D objects smoothly, User can easily import any 3D objects he/she wants and interact with it with simple touches.