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Holly Qur'an Application

Holly Qur’an application is a Qur’an educational application that allows the user\student to listen, repeat after, read and memorize the Holly Qur’an without being physically present in the same place with the teacher whom is teaching him\her.
The teacher can access the application and assign a homework to any chosen student by connecting to the internet after logging in the application anywhere in the world, then the student can log on to his account and connect to the internet to check if he\she has any assignment, record his reading and view any previous assignments corrected by the teacher. Again, the teacher can connect and correct the reading submitted by the student.
The Holly Qur’an Application doesn’t need an internet connection all the time, students and teachers can use it whenever they want. However, assigning homework, uploading the voice recording and correcting the assignments requires the user to be connected.