Our experience in your service

Educational Informatics

We provide our customers with Proficient Consultancy Services, Solutions Delivery and Customized Software Development in our specialized field of Education Informatics.

Our Consultancy Services

  • Experienced & Certified in bridging the gaps between Higher Medical Education & Information Technology (e-Learning).
  • Automation of University/College Management Systems.
  • Universities’ Business Process Mapping & reengineering.
  • Universities ‘Enterprise Architecture Modeling.
  • Strategic Planning in Universities’ environments.
  • Providing help in establishing Colleges' Informatics/e-Learning Departments.
  • Help restructuring Universities Business Processes.
  • Building New Online Curriculum for different University Departments.
  • Changing Classical Curriculum to Online Curriculum.
  • Establishing Hybrid e-Learning Infrastructure.
  • Designing Colleges/Universities to be ready to deliver through e-Learning techniques.