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Digital Pen Education Solutions

Interactive Digital Paper Books

Classical Paper-based books are still the most convenient to use but they lack the interactivity brought by the digital age.

With Digital Paper technology we can bring life to the classical paper-based books by giving it the digital interactivity benefits yet maintaining the convenient paper based classical look and feel.

Interactive Digital Paper Books would become more fun for students to use, where the interaction between the students and the book is triggered by the teacher asking a question or requesting students to perform an activity on those books.

The students interaction with the printed Digital Book / the Digital Work Book would provide the following valuable gains:
  1. Real-time student in-class participation tracking.
  2. Real-time teacher in-class involvement tracking.
  3. Real-time in-class quiz assessment with spontaneous correction for MCQs.
  4. Real-Time in-class voting
  5. Real-Time feedback of all of the above to Educational Authorities.
  6. Real-Time feedback of all of the above to Parents of the students.

Digital Exam

Assessment session can be conducted & corrected spontaneously using our Innovative Digital Pen & Paper, yet classical approaches can be used such as computer based conduction or classical scanner based correction.

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