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Consultation Services

We provide our customers with Proficient Consultancy Services in our specialized fields of Medical Informatics and Education Informatics.

Our Consultancy services covers:

Medical Informatics

  • Automation of Hospital Management Systems.
  • Hospitals’ Business Process Mapping & reengineering.
  • Enterprise Architecture Modeling for Hospitals.
  • Strategic Planning in Hospital environment.
  • Providing help in establishing Medical Informatics Departments.
  • Help in restructuring Hospital Business Processes
  • Help implementation / deployment of medical software such as (HIS, LIS, PACS & Distant Transcription) & facilitate change management related to such projects.
  • Customized Medical Software application Design.

Educational Informatics:

  • Experienced & Certified in bridging the gaps between Higher Medical Education & Information Technology (e-Learning).
  • Automation of University/College Management Systems.
  • Universities’ Business Process Mapping & reengineering.
  • Universities ‘Enterprise Architecture Modeling.
  • Strategic Planning in Universities’ environments.
  • Providing help in establishing Colleges' Informatics/e-Learning Departments.
  • Help restructuring Universities Business Processes.
  • Building New Online Curriculum for different University Departments.
  • Changing Classical Curriculum to Online Curriculum.
  • Establishing Hybrid e-Learning Infrastructure.
  • Designing Colleges/Universities to be ready to deliver through e-Learning techniques.

Business Administration:

  • Strategy Planning.
  • Project Management.
  • Enterprise Architecture Modeling.
  • Business Process Re-engineering.