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Attendance Management System

Innovative Technology’s Attendance management is the act of managing attendance or presence in a work setting, provide a working environment, which maximizes and motivates employee attendance thereby minimizing loss.
This unique system can monitor and manage the attendance of employees in any company\organization, provide reports in graphical or detailed forms and even manages the attendance devices.

Our Attendance Management System uses the following 5 modules:
  • User Management – Module
  • Shift Management – Module
  • Time Sheet  Management – Module
  • Reports Management - Module
  • Device Management – Module
  • User Management Module: provides information about the Organization’s Hierarchy (Departments, Groups and Employees information) , Employee assignment and User Rights.
2.  Shift Management Module: where user can create numbers of shifts and sub-shifts, define break hours and managing the shifts (Allowable early in/out, Consider overtime/not, Shift closing time etc.).

Time Sheet  Management – Module:
This module provides the following features:
  • View selected employees Daily/weekly or monthly attendance details.
  • View employees Check-In Time & Check-Out time, display ‘N’ number of check-in/ out entries and Display calculated hours.
  • Display graphical representation of employee’s worked using pie chart, which describes employee’s total worked hours and allocated hours.
  • Comments section: where employee can comment to the admin and the admin can post comments to any employee and even approve or disapprove an employee previously commented request.
  • Reports Management – Module: Using attendance reports at one glance management can able to find out selected employee(s) availability (productivity) and commitment to his shift towards the organization.

Reports can be in the following types:

  • Detailed / Table format reports in both Employee and daily basis.
  • Graphical Reports in both Employee and daily basis.
  • Device Management – Module: As per any SDK available with the attendance machine our system using this module can:
Add / modify / delete employee(S) from the system which can directly affect the attendance machine.
  • Restart / shut down attendance machine.
  • Open / Close door attached with the attendance machine.
  • Ring Alarm in when needed.
Employee registered in the attendance machine using Finger print, Face recognition, Swipe cards and pin and password formats.