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Founder "Dr. Bassam Al Hemsi"

Summarized business oriented CV

  • An MD with an MBA & Medical Informatics certification: with over 23 years of experience in Medicine, 10 years experience in Medical Informatics, & 6 years experience in Educational Informatics, worked in leading organizations in Saudi Arabia and USA

  • Has been working as Associate Dean of the College of Medicine of KSAU for Health Sciences; the 1st SMART medical college in the Middle East “6th worldwide at time of establishment”.

  • Founded the 1st Medical Informatics department Saudi Arabia 10 years ago. This department was the nucleus of the 1st Master of Medical Education in the region.

  • He is the owner Innovative Technology Consultation group, and Software Engineering Company which specializes in the fields of Medical Informatics & Educational Informatics.

  • Has extensive experience in leveraging Information Technology on the fields of Higher Education and Healthcare.

  • A surgeon that has worked in 5 major different sectors of health care providers within the country of Saudi Arabia. Has also been exposed to international Health Systems in UK and the USA (FRCS Edinburgh, UK, & Transplant Fellowship: UVA,USA) Certified in Medical Informatics (Portland, OHSU,USA), and Business & Administration (MBA: University of Leicester, U.K.); and the Mastermind behind establishing the 1st online medical curriculum in the Middle East.

  • Experienced & Certified in bridging the gaps between Health-care provision &
    Information Technology for health care / Medical Education &
    Business & Administration